***Look for Penelope the documentary on Public Television stations around the United States this May!  Producer 371 Productions tracks over 100 listings. 

The Penelope Project was a collaborative effort to dramatically raise the bar
on activities in long term care.

Using the story of Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey, our team of staff,
residents, artists, and students engaged an entire long term care
community in creativity and learning. Everyone was welcome.

Discussion groups, movement exercises, visual art, stories, and
music all emerged from this multi-year project that culminated in
the performance of FINDING PENELOPE, a professionally-produced
play staged inside the care facility. Over 400 people attended
the performances.

This site provides access to tools to help others learn about
the Penelope approach.

Penelope’s collaborative team includes:
UWM Dept. of Theatre;
Luther Manor Senior Living Community; and Sojourn Theatre.
371 Productions created and distributes the documentary.


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